Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies

Accomplished faculty members and inventive students work together in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies to understand multiple dimensions of culture and society. Exploring how to shape that understanding with their own experiences, FCCS students examine how to independently and critically represent the world in a variety of creative forms. Trained to develop sophisticated analytical skills, students weave together ideas from various fields of study to address complex issues affecting culture and society.

Experiential learning opportunities enable student to build on their skills and engage with their communities and the world. Within local and global contexts, students become agents of change and builders of global understanding—whether in social justice, the environment, media, new technologies, languages, literature, culture, creative writing, or the visual and performing arts.

Join us in our vision to cultivate the next generation of creative, critically-minded and engaged citizens. Your support creates infinite ways of representing diversity and creativity in our society and beyond. Imagine what we could do together.

Projects and Success Stories:

  • Priority Project

    Black Box Theatre

    Black Box Theatre

    The Faculty of Critical and Creative Studies at UBC’s Okanagan campus has a unique vision that separates the faculty from a regular Faculty of Arts program. Celebrating creative culture through more

    Community Engagement