Community Service Learning – Okanagan

Meaningful community service transforms UBC students into leaders who create positive change. The Community Service Learning program, in collaboration with community partners, combines curriculum and community needs in order to find solutions to pressing social issues in the community such as homelessness and poverty.

Okanagan non-profit organizations identify community issues, and provide our students unique opportunities to give back and deepen their learning of the issues and of themselves. Innovative ideas generated by our students give community partners valuable resources. These partnerships create more than essential local solutions; they give our students the skills and insight to impact our global society.

Join us and inspire our students to turn ideas into lasting social change.

Projects and Impact Stories:

  • Priority Project

    UBC’s Commitment to Student Learning and Community Engagement

    UBC’s Commitment to Student Learning and Community Engagement

    The Community Service Learning Program is a vital initiative at UBC’s Okanagan campus that aims to develop responsible, engaged citizens and aims to impact critical social issues through more

    Community Engagement, Student Learning

  • Impact Story

    UBC in the Community

    UBC in the Community

    Helping answer community questions and improving lives. In six short years, UBC has had a tremendous impact in the Okanagan. Our goal is to encourage broad community engagement on campus more