Faculty of Arts Development Office

Faculty of Arts
Development and Alumni Engagement
Buchanan A240 – 1866 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia  V6T 1Z1



Assistant Dean, DAE
Tel: 604.822.9594

Senior Associate Director
Tel: 604.822.4790
Email: jennifer.peng@ubc.ca

Lisa Fratpietro
Associate Director
Tel: 604.822.9213
Email: lisa.fratpietro@ubc.ca

Charlotte Lawson
Associate Director, Museum of Anthropology
Tel: 604.827.0006

Anna Collins
Manager of Development
Tel: 604.827.0008
Email: anna.collins@ubc.ca

Dave Keefe
Associate Director
Tel: 604.827.2207
Email: dave.keefe@ubc.ca

Anja Novak
Development Officer
Tel: 604.827.3515
Email: anja.novak@ubc.ca

Tracy Todd
Development Coordinator
Tel: 604.822.5960
Email: tracy.todd@ubc.ca

Winnie Lo
Development Coordinator
Tel: 604.827.0331
Email: winnie.lo@ubc.ca

Mark Glenning
Tel: 604.822.9259
Email: mark.glenning@ubc.ca

Tiffany Yang
Development Assistant
Tel: 604.822.4339
Email: tiffany.yang@ubc.ca

Christine Lee
Associate Director, Alumni Engagement
Tel: 604.822.9359
Email: christine.lee@ubc.ca

Reshaad Ali
Alumni Engagement Manager
Tel: 604.822.4627
Email: reshaad.ali@ubc.ca

Joel Bentley
Communications Specialist
Tel: 604.827.3618
Email: joel.bentley@ubc.ca